yes-yes's, and no-no's

Dual Classing is okay. Hybrid and Multi-classing are not.

Class that are not allowed: (reason, in this campaign they would become op big time)

Ones that need approval first (nether are op, but dont fit very well with story)

At you own risk: (ether hard to play or have negtive effects, there are worldly reasons and thre balanced)
Ranger (although fits barily into the world, gains little postive)
Battlemind (fits into the world perfectly, but the way the does its stuff causes negitive effects)
Swordmage (same problem with battlemind)

At the risk of yourself and others:
Shaman (pet and summon problems)
Sorcerer (pet and summon problems)
[these two classes would have to make checks to make sure there minion doesnt go wild, but there are strong postives]

Note/hint: dont use dungeoneering characters in this campaign wont do you any good for 80 percent of the time, as the name suggests Dungeons. This campaign will have Labyrinths. If you dont know what the difference is or think about making a argument about how the skill is used, you dont know what a labyrinth is. Dont care who you are, who you think you are, frankly I dont care if you made D&D, or if you have been playing for 30 years. Shut your trap, and im right thats final. Now that doesn’t mean you cant make a character for dungeoneering you can, just realize, using the skill for a Labyrinth will be null/void and possible pain.

yes-yes's, and no-no's

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