Some rulez to know

Dual classing rules: Total level is divided, between the two. But as far as exp goes that class is treated sperate from the other class exsample:

Character blah is level 3

lvl 1 class a/ lvl 2 class b. 1+2=3.

you gain 1000 exp
put it in ether class a or b, never both (dont get 1000 in both), never divide out exp (again gain 1000, but your trying to put 500 in both not letting it happen.)

Dual classing you dont take exp penalty. But in order to get the any of the class benifits you must abide by the restrictions.

There are two modes of dual classing i allow, Manual, Auto

Manual: 1/19 Note: you must meet the requirment of the level advancement of that class)(recommended, you have control over which class gets to level)

Auto: 10/10, your characters build is even Note: lvl 1 exp req plus lvl 1 exp requirment= is the only way you level.

Some rulez to know

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